About us


At Showa Co., Ltd., we've built our reputation as 'wash professionals' by actively pursuing in-house research and development to manufacture cutting-edge commercial dishwashers and industrial washing systems.

Our motto is Commitment to Customer Satisfaction.

We have always strived to accurately understand the needs of our customers and deliver high-quality, dependable products and services through our ongoing professional research and development in industrial design technology.

Above all else, our intellectual curiosity, spirit of inquiry and passion for excellence has helped us to actualize the superior-grade, specialty products we produce today.

Our resolute administration continues to push forward, endeavoring to set new goals and pioneer new markets.  Furthermore, we believe that environmental sustainability is an important issue facing all of mankind, as enshrined in our Basic Policy on contributing to local communities and on environmental communication.  We are committed to minimizing our impact on the environment, in particular by reducing consumption of resources and energy.

At Showa, we create washing products and services for a wide range of manufacturing industries.  We also make determined efforts to enter into and secure a position in new emerging industries that look ahead to the future, and are firmly resolved to meet the challenges ahead.

We look forward to your continued patronage.

President Toshihide Fujimura

About us