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Energy efficient, cost effective boiler-less washers

A heat source must provide hot water for the wash and rinse cycles, as well as hot air for the drying process. Steam boilers are used as the heat source in over 90% of conventional container and palette washers.

Now it is possible to use a hybrid boiler/centrifugal spin dry/heat pump arrangement, or even a boiler-less system. In doing so, considerable cuts can be made to both running costs and CO2 emissions.。

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Heat pump specifications

Model SHP-18
Power/frequency Single-phase 200 V  50/60 Hz
Maximum current 30A
Dimensions W450 x L850 x H1,900mm
Machine weight 170kg
  60℃ hot water 65℃ hot water
Heat/power consumption* 19kW/4.6kW


Summer* 19.6kW/4.1kW


Winter* 18.6kW/4.9kW


Operating noise Rated 51dB
Summer 50dB
Winter 52dB
Refrigerant (enclosed) R410A (1.5 kg × 2 units)
Water temp. 70℃,65℃,60℃
Max. pressure 490kPa
Heat pump unit connection R1/2
Pressure safety class NA

*Please refer to the chart below for heat capacity/power consumption guidelines.

  Usage Heat source
  Heat source Air temp.
  Input Output Dry bulb Wet bulb
Rated 17℃ 65℃ 16℃ 12℃
Summer 24℃ 65℃ 25℃ 21℃
Winter 9℃ 65℃


  • Use tap water or refer to our Company's guidelines
  • Water supply temperature must not exceed 50℃
  • Operating environment must be -5℃ or warmer
    Furthermore, take special measures to prevent freezing in cold conditions
  • Do not install in areas subject to salt damage.

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  • Heat generation input: output ratio 1:4
  • R410A coolant powered general-purpose unit
  • 60℃ hot water output rates at COP4.13
  • Initial costs less than equipping a boiler
  • A reserve tank can be used to take advantage of late night electrical rates for cheaper hot water production
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