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Vegetable refresher

Washes and refreshes vegetables simultaneously, while our cold water mist sprayer also has antibacterial benefits.

Vegetable refresher
Plumbing connection Supply: 20 A, drain: 40 A
Dimensions(W x D x H) 1,860x860x1,500
Power source 3-phase 200V(50/60Hz) 3KVA
Model Batch-style vegetable refresher
Refreshing method Cool refreshing method using cold water
Refreshing capacity 20 cases/hour
Internal dimensions Plastic mesh container
(W510xD460 x H340mm)
Primary use Spinach, sunny lettuce, mustard spinach, white radish, butterhead lettuce, broccoli, watercress, celery, parsley, soybeans, garlic chives, sweet corn, green onions, etc…

Portable compact pressure washer (Clean Jet)

Product features

12 MPa, powerful, compact, and economic washer in a single unit.

移動式Compact pressure washers(クリーン・ジェット)
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