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As industry continues to produce parts with greater precision and compactness, there is a growing need for micro-precision washers.  At Showa, our parts washers combine original technology with the flexibility to adapt to any system, and offer the greatest standards of accuracy. 

Our highly advanced washers clean machine parts in a broad range of industries and remove all resin and debris for optimum performance.

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Index table type

3,4,5 station index wash. Select the station that suits your purpose and even remove burrs.

Index table type

Index-type washers(TBL model)

Product features

  • 3,4,5 station-type index is included as standard equipment.
  • 0.3 to 20 MPa lineup.
  • Table sizes from φ250 to 650.
  • Optional table positioning feature is ideal for parts loader lines.
  • Index-type washers(TBL model)
  • Index-type washers(TBL model)
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Model TBL-3-250 TBL-3-350 TBL-3-500
# of stations 3 3 3
Max. work size φ250 x H250mm φ350 x H250mm φ500 x H250mm
Machine width W1,000mm W1,500mm W1,700mm
Weight 900kg ˜ 1,500kg ˜ 2,000kg ˜
Model TBL-4-250 TBL-4-350 TBL-4-500 TBL-4-650
# of stations 4 4 4 4
Max. work size φ250 x H250 φ350 x H250mm φ500 x H250mm φ650 x H250mm
Machine width W1,300mm W1,500mm W1,900mm W1,900mm
Weight 900kg ˜ 1,500kg ˜ 2,000kg ˜ 2,500kg ˜
Model TBL-5-250 TBL-5-350 TBL-5-500 TBL-5-650
# of stations 5 5 5 5
Max. work size φ250 x H250mm φ350 x H250mm φ500 x H250mm φ650 x H250mm
Machine width W1,900mm W1,900mm W2,050mm W2,050mm
Weight 900kg ˜ 1,500kg ˜ 2,500kg ˜ 2,500kg ˜
  • Suitable for parts of height 350 and 500 mm.
  • Machine length and height varies according to the specifications.

Compact pressure washers(FRW model)

Product features

  • Top-of–the-line compact pressure washers.
  • Centrifugal spin-type uses less air and significantly reduces noise.
  • 0.3 to 20 MPa lineup.
Model FRW-250 FRW-350 FRW-500
Dimensions W600 x L2,500 x H2,000mm W800 x L3,000 x H2,000mm W900 x L3,500 x H2,000mm
Max. work size φ250x100Hmm φ350 x H250mm φ500 x H300mm
Weight 400kg 500kg 700kg
Electrical capacity 13kW 13kW 16kW
Heater capacity 10kW 10kW 10kW
Tank capacity 90L 90L 120L
Pump capacity 6.5MPax10L/min 6.5MPax13L/min 6.5MPax33L/min

Mid-size pressure washers(FRW-S model)

Product features

  • Standard shuttle-type washing machine. Table sizes from φ350 to 800.
  • Optional table positioning feature with auto loader.
  • Ideal for line systems.
  • 0.3 to 20 MPa lineup.
Mid-size pressure washers(FRW-S model)
Model FRW-350S FRW-500S FRW-800S
Dimensions W1,100 x L2,500 x H2,500mm W1,300 x L3,000 x H2,500mm W1,600 x L3,500 x H2,500mm
Max. work size φ350 x H250mm φ500 x H300mm φ800 x H350mm
Weight 700kg 800kg 1,000kg
Electrical capacity 13kW 15.5kW 15.5kW
Heater capacity 10kW 10kW 10kW
Tank capacity 90L 120L 150L
Pump capacity 6.5MPax13L/min 6.5MPax33L/min 6.5MPax33L/min

Large parts washer(VFS model)

Product features

  • Large-scale washer with a 1,500-kg load capacity.
  • Stainless steel hood.
  • Work can be set to a height of up to 1,500 mm.
  • 0.3 to 20 MPa lineup.
Large parts washer(VFS model)
Model VFS-1300 VFS-1800 VFS-2000
Dimensions W3,500 x L2,200 x H3,500mm
W5,000 x L2,200 x H2,500mm W6,500 x L2,900 x H3,700mm
Max. work size φ1,300 x H650mm φ1,800 x H650mm φ2,000 x H1,500mm
Weight 3,000kg 4,000kg 5,000kg
Electrical capacity 40kW 42kW 52kW
Heater capacity 30kW 30kW 40kW
Tank capacity 800L 800L 800L
Pump capacity 0.3MPax300L/min 0.3MPax400L/min 0.3MPax400L/min

Conveyor-type washer(MGR model)

Product features

  • Pass through type.
  • Upper, swing-type wash and air blow nozzles are included as standard equipment.
  • Intake width of up to 1,000 mm.
  • Ideal for basket conveyers and press or brake parts.
Conveyor-type washer(MGR model)
Model MGR-400
Dimensions W1,500 x L2,500 x H2,500mm
Max. work size W400 x L600 x H250mm
Weight 1,200kg
Electrical capacity 25kW
Heater capacity 20kW
Tank capacity 250L
Pump capacity 0.3MPax150L/min

Vacuum dryers(SVD model)

Product features

  • Standard vacuum dryer.
  • Optimizes drying capabilities.
Vacuum dryers(SVD model)
Model SVD-350 SVD-600
Dimensions W800 x L1,500 x H2,000mm W1,200 x L1,800 x H2,500mm
Max. work size W350 x L350 x H350mm W400 x L600 x H300mm
Weight 800kg 1,500kg
Electrical capacity 6kW 11kW
Heater capacity 3kW 5kW
Pump capacity 2.2kW 5.5kW

Hydrocarbon washer

Product features

  • Standard hydrocarbon vacuum washer/dryer.
  • Water cleansing is ideal for nonremovable work and preventing rust.
  • Suitable for fully automated systems, available in a range of configurations.
  • Shower wash capable.
  • HCW-2M

  • HCW-3MA

Model HCW-2M HCW-3MA
Dimensions W1,500 x L3,000 x H2,500mm W2,250 x L4,000 x H2,600mm
Max. work size W300 x L400 x H250mm W300 x L400 x H250mm
Weight 2,000kg


Electrical capacity 22kW 55kW
Heater capacity 16kW 40kW
Ultrasound 28kHzx1.2kW 28kHzx1.2kW(2 units)
Redistallator Internal Internal

General purpose washers

Product features

  • Industry leader with a 150-kg load capacity.
  • Compact and very affordable.
  • Variable 3 to 10 min cycle time.
  • 3 to 10 MPa lineup.
  • FVW-800

  • DPW-500

Model FVW-800 DPW-500
Dimensions W1,200 x L2,500 x H1,500mm W615xL915xH1,500mm
Max. work size φ800 x H270mm W500 x L500 x H350mm
Weight 450kg 100kg
Electrical capacity 16kW 1.5kW(11.5 kW when heater installed)
Heater capacity 10kW 10kW(When heater installed)
Tank capacity 200L 100L
Pump capacity 6.5MPax33L/min 0.2MPax100L/min

Transfer machines

Cylinder head washer

Cylinder head washer
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