Wash Professionals

Original drying technology

[Centrifugal drying system]

We are working to increase centrifugal water diffusion as an energy-saving measure in numerous fields including industries that use containers and palettes.

Automatic clamp centering system

Automatic clamp centering system

[Vacuum dryers]

These dryers use vacuum drying technology to avoid the disadvantage of air blowing dryers. Single units and index-type automatic units can be equipped with this setup. Discover a system that is vastly superior to anything else on the market.


Extensive industrial experience

Using our abundant knowledge and expertise gleaned from furnishing numerous businesses in a range of industries with washing systems, we will provide the washer that best suits your needs.

Extensive industrial experience

Fulfilling your expectations through research and development

[Peripheral enhancements]

Cyclone filters and heat pumps are just a few examples of the cutting-edge technology we are actively developing to make our washers state of the art.

[Washing know-how]

Drawing on our vast repertoire of washing technology, including ultrasonic wave, high-pressure, NC, bubbling and numerous other systems, we can recommend the optimum setup for your purposes.

Washing know-how
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